If you are not able to attend an appointment in person, a sample scan works just as well.

Sample Scan Instructions:

Just post me a small hair cutting (15 to 20 hairs needed but can be done with less) taken from as close to the nape of the neck as possible, hair can be pulled out or cut. Pop the hair sample into a small resealable plastic pouch like one of these:

Sample Pouch

Write your name and date of birth on the pouch. (if you can’t get a small pouch then cling film will do – and don’t worry about trying to write on clingfilm).  Include a small handwritten note – it can simply be your name and address or whatever you feel inspired to write! If a hair sample is not possible then nail clippings also work well.  Some people send both.

When I receive the sample, I’ll arrange a phone consultation with you (up to 30 minutes) to find out what issues you are most concerned about or interested in investigating.

If you’re not sure about anything just get in touch for more details and for the address to send your hair/nail cutting to.