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Homeopathy & Bioresonance


The first appointment takes about an hour and a half giving you the time to fully describe your health concerns and what it is that you are looking for from treatment. I will also ask you about your medical history and your lifestyle.

From this information I will select the appropriate bioresonance scans and the best treatment can be chosen and your remedies made.  We are all different and your treatment will be matched to your needs, circumstances and health requirements.

As well as prescribing the homeopathic bioresonance remedies, I may also recommend herbal tinctures or nutritional supplements and give dietary and lifestyle advice if needed.

Follow-up appointments are 3 to 6 weeks later depending on the conditions being treated and they usually take around 75 to 90 minutes.

If you would like to get an idea of what a bioresonance appointment is like then this is a short video by Mark Galloway who developed the QEST4 system



The scanning frequencies are energetically balancing and people often say that they find the screening process very relaxing.


Digestive Disorders

Detox and Immune Support 

Recurrent Tonsillitis

Thyroid imbalance

Hormonal Issues

Fatigue and Low Energy 

High/low Blood Pressure

Anxiety & Panic Attacks 

Migraines & Headaches

Appointments in London:

If you are wondering if I can help you, please contact me for a chat. There's no obligation to make an appointment and it means you can make a more informed decision before booking: telephone 07850 953 519

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