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Homeopathy & Bioresonance

Why I use homeopathy with bioresonance

Homeopathy combined with one of the most technically advanced bioresonance systems creates a powerful method for improving health. Bioresonance screening is a safe, gentle non-invasive way of getting information from the body. You simply hold two brass handles and tiny changes in the resistance of your skin are monitored as different frequencies are output from the system. These frequencies are balancing and people say that they find the screening process very relaxing.

The QEST4 system can run many different tests depending on your individual health concerns. It indicates whether your body systems are balanced, stressed or weakened and identifies causal factors such as parasites, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances or whatever it is that your system is struggling with.

Registered Homeopath LCPH CThA

I discovered homeopathy when I was living and working in France in a highly stressful job and suffered from an attack of shingles. The French doctor prescribed homeopathic remedies for me. I didn't know that the pills were homeopathic and just assumed it was a conventional prescription which I collected from the pharmacy. The remedies cured the shingles within 3 days and I have never suffered a return of any of the nerve pains which so many people continue to experience after shingles.

When I returned to London I decided to study homeopathy at the internationally respected London College of Practical Homeopathy.  It has given me a great feeling of control over how to treat myself and my family when health issues arise. I can make an informed decision about when it is best to use conventional medicine and when to use homeopathy and I have found it extremely rewarding to help patients regain control over their own health and wellbeing.

Digestive Disorders

Hormonal Balance

Parasites and Infections

Toxicity and Heavy Metals

Menstrual & Menopausal Problems

Emotional Stressors

Thyroid issues

Environmental & Food Sensitivities

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