Ishbel Poole

Homeopathy & Bioresonance

Good health is precious.

When we experience health problems we realise just how important it is.  If you are looking for a health solution which addresses the root cause of your problem and also improves your general level of health in the longterm then homeopathic bioresonance is for you.

Taking the time to find the root cause of an illness means that you are less likely to suffer from a recurrence. To do this, I combine investigative homeopathic casetaking with QEST4 bioresonance screening and balancing - it is one of the most advanced bio-energetic systems available and surely the future of non-invasive gentle effective medicine.

The screening helps identify imbalances and weaknesses at an energetic level and can help with a wide range of health concerns from minor sensitivities to debilitating long term conditions.


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